Mobilegeddon- don’t let your website get left behind!

You may have heard the term mobilegeddon in the news. While not the most creative term, what the word is talking about is nonetheless something you should be concerned about as a small brace-yourself-mobilegeddonbusiness owner. Essentially Google has altered their search algorithm to rank certain websites higher. Specifically, websites that dynamically change their appearance based on the device they are being viewed on – called respnsive design – are given priority in search results. If you haven’t designed your website to handle responsive design, it’s time to get moving! If you’re unsure of whether or not your site is ready for mobilegeddon, you can view your website on a phone or tablet and look for certain differences. Does the site appear exactly the same on all devices? It shouldn’t. Tablet and mobile devices should get a different site that is formatted for easier reading at smaller sizes. Side bars, widgets, menus, etc. typically will be removed or incorporated in a differnt way, perhaps as an extension of a single column. If this seems a bit confusing, you can use Google’s site evaluation tool for responsive design. Simply go to and then in the URL box type in your website. Google will tell you if you’re ready or not.

For further reading, we recommend this this article explaining of what is happening.

If you’re unsure of where to start to get your website ready for mobilegeddon, why not contact us? We can help get your site on the right track to being ready for mobilegeddon… and anything else that might impact your site!

What is SEO? I keep hearing this term, why do I need it?

Well, if you’re one of Growth Spark Media’s clients, you don’t need SEO because we do it all for you! But for those inclined to learn more about what it is and why it’s important, there’s a great beginner’s guide to the subject on Moz. Granted, Moz is ultimately trying to sell you their products, but the guide is a very good one regardless. Check it out and see a small piece of what Growth Spark Media does for you as a client!

Don’t get lost in a sea of average businesses. Stand out. Get found.

Get found. That’s the first step of making your business successful online. The competition to be found on search engines gets tougher every day, but not to worry- we’re here to make sure you get found easily, above your competition. Potential customers trust businesses whose web presence reflects their professionalism and vision. However, we know not everyone has the time to learn about modern web design, SEO, online presence, or even maintain a website. You’re trying to run a successful business, which is a very full-time endeavor. That’s where Growth Spark Media comes in. We create and manage your entire presence online so new customers can find you quickly and easily… and when they do find you, what they’ll see is modern, elegant and professional- reassuring them of your business.

get found online with help from growth spark media


Make sure you’re delivering a product that gets high marks from your customers. Get focused.

Getting found easily online is only the beginning of a successful Internet presence. Once you’re found, potential customers have to like what they find. The best way to do this is actually quite simple- and probably something you’re doing already. Just deliver the best product or service you can, earning high marks from your customers. If your customers like you, our program can take that and turn it into a powerful online reputation. We do all the work, you just encourage your customers to review your business online. Using this we can boost your rankings, search engine results, and most importantly your online reputation. Word of mouth can work for some people, but online reputation can often play a much bigger role in driving the awareness and trust of your product. So, make sure you’re delivering a product or service that will satisfy your customers. Get focused!

get focused and deliver a product that growth spark media can turn intto 5 star reviews

Turn satisfied customers into your own loyal army online. Get followers.

When a customer likes a product or service, they are often very loyal. This is great for repeat customers, but you may be missing out on the other advantage of having satisfied customers. Word of mouth can become extremely amplified on social media. We’ll help you turn your customers into a loyal army online, telling others about how great your product is. New customers try out your product, like it, follow you online, and the cycle continues to get followers.

get followers with the help of growth spark media