Meet Our Team

When it comes to local marketing, our executive team has a set of skills and experience that is completely unmatched. Before SEO, before local online marketing, before digital signage networks and Out of Home media (OOH) the team that heads up GSM has been marketing local businesses with RNS Communications, Inc. for over 25 years. The technology may change, but connecting with customers has always been our highest endeavor, and our results speak for themselves.

RICHARD SAVAGE is President of RNS Communications, Inc. – parent company of Growth Spark Media- and founded in 1988. Currently, Mr. Savage oversees all departments within the company. Prior to establishing RNS, Mr. Savage was employed for 22 years by the American Broadcasting Company. He served as President of ABC-TV Spot Sales and as Vice President of the ABC Television Network, with responsibilities for 213 ABC-TV affiliates.

SCOTT SAVAGE  is Vice President and General Manager of RNS Communications, Inc and GSM. Scott is responsible for the day-to-day management of GSM including sales. Prior to joining RNS, Scott was involved in Radio Station Sales Management in California and the New York Metro area.

MURRAY MICHAELS is Vice President of Marketing for RNS Communications, Inc. and oversees the finances and market research of GSM. Prior to his current position he was VP of Operations for FCVS Communications. Prior to joining FCVS, Murray was employed by ABC in the area of marketing research in the Owned TV Stations Division and with the ABC TV Network.

BRAD SAVAGE is Executive Director for RNS Communications, Inc and GSM. Brad’s responsibilities include the management and coordination of all partnerships and endeavors. Brad is a graduate of ECU. Prior to forming RNS, Brad worked at a number of media outlets.

BEN ERLING is Vice President of Operations for RNS Communications, Inc and GSM. Ben’s area of expertise is the implementation and enhancement of effective technologies and strategies, as well as the management of operations. He is a Google AdWords Certified Professional and also teaches part time as a professor of mobile application development. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.