Video SEO

There are lotsĀ of companies that will help you with your online presence… but none that will produce a video ad for your business with professional voice over work at no extra cost. It’s included, because the power of video in searching, ranking and connecting with customers is not optional in our opinion. So when we optimize your online presence to be found and trusted, we are using the power of creative tools that other companies skip entirely, or overcharge you for. Anyone who knows anything about online marketing and SEO will tell you the 2nd largest search engine after Google is YouTube. We think you should be easily found there too!

Video is often the “secret ingredient” to being found or trusted online… but no companies offer an easy solution for this. Except us. Included in your monthly fee is a professionally produced video ad for your business, along with professional voice-over work, royalty free music, and complete SEO (search engine optimization) of the video and its listing.

See some of these videos for yourself… each unique view is another likely customer!